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Why is it worth learning German in CAMPUS?


The language school CAMPUS - Academy is a concentration of  highly qualified teachers of the German and other languages, as well as crossing intersection of various cultures and ethnic groups.

No matter where you come from - from China, Japan, the Philippines, Brazil, Egypt, Russia or Turkey - at CAMPUS you will feel among friends.


Experience justifies itself.

Our teachers have many years of experience, over 10 years of experience in teaching German as a foreign language at all levels from A1 to C2.

Almost all of our teachers have a specialized higher education in the specialty German as a foreign one  or equivalent pedagogical education.

Constant monitoring of the level of results, an internal quality assurance program and continuous professional development of teachers ensure targeted and successful training. 


Learn German together.


Thanks to the qualified teaching of the language, CAMPUS is eager to unite people of any age and origin, to teach understanding of another and to promote adequate familiarity with a different cultural environment and countries.

This means, that after classes we from time to time together, for example, go together to a restaurant of Greek, Chinese or Japanese cuisine, visit famous sights in the area, during the course participants can tell something interesting about their countries. 

Tolerance, openness to the world and the joy of learning:

these are values ​​that are promoted by CAMPUS Sprachschule International.


People come to us from all over the world.

We are waiting for you in CAMPUS!

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